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Posted by in on Feb 25, 2014 .

I've been sitting here at my laptop listening to Biz Markie and Tom Waits, editing photos and making home brew notes, when it just occurs to me that I really should write another entry in my blog. It's been quite a while I know, not that anyone has missed it least of all me, but as it turns out it has been exactly one year ago to the day. 

One year? That's not surprising. A blog was the last thing I wanted to have, in any definition of the words blog or have. But here we are, and here I am, blogging. So the fact that I am writing a second entry, even though it's a whole year later, is a success. At least in my opinion. 


Posted by in March on Feb 25, 2013 .

Many of you reading this are probably thinking "I miss Wednesdays with Rhett and Alan." I know this becasue that's what I'm thinking and I'm probably the only person reading my blog. The other possibily is that you are wondering "why did I spend so much time setting this blog up if he's just going to write a bunch of nonsense?" If indeed you are thinking the latter, I'm willing to bet that your first name is Brent.

So I have a blog! I'm not sure why I have a blog when I don't even like the word. Blog. Is there something better I can call it? Well unless I hear some suggestions I guess we'll just continue on blogging...


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