Ian Benson came forth into the world of photography through the window of journalism.  A 'purest' of sorts; from the beginning of his photographic career to the present it has been his respect for the roots of professional photography that directs his vision through the lens. With emphasis laid upon high quality resolution and adherence to news agency standards each photo breaches into the temporal moments of elusiveness uncaught by the naked eye. Bound to the aesthetic of photojournalistic ethic and integrity, his work enters the world of fine art photography with images uncompromised by canon.

In the beginning of his career Ian worked as a press photographer for news services in northern West Virginia and south western Pennsylvania, becoming Photo Editor for the Daily Athenaeum and Director of Photography for Michaels Media Group.

Throughout this time he continued to expand his talents with numerous freelance jobs including wedding, portrait, commercial, and product photography. It was his constant utilization of natural light during this time that earned him the nickname ‘Mr. Light and Shadows’ among some newspaper peers.

Ian Benson - Still World Images is fine art photography that maintains journalistic ethics and integrity.

Always seeking new skills and experience, Ian accepted an offer to become an ophthalmic photographer and spent two years learning many different types of ophthalmic imaging equipment and electronic medical records software. Working closely with physicians, patients, and technicians he was able to produce incredible images admired for both their aesthetic qualities and valuable assistance to diagnosis and treatment.

Presently a New Zealand resident, Ian continues to develop his profession and expand its limits with a growing collection of high dynamic range images and fine art photographs from around the world. Never walking out without his Nikon, each day finds him searching for new moments and subjects, as well as new areas of photography and freelance opportunities.


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